The PODdoctors with Dr. Dauphinee and Dr. Hussain

The PODdoctors: Achilles Ruptures

February 24, 2021

In this episode of The Pod Doctors podcast, Dr. Damien Dauphinee, a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon, and Dr. Raafae Hussain, fellowship trained foot and ankle surgeon, talk about achilles injuries. They discuss what causes the chronic and acute injuries and how they treat them. Listen to why it’s important to treat an achilles injury as quickly as possible.


“A lot of women are in high heel shoes and they come back down. They’re like ‘Oh, my heel hurts, but I’m so comfortable in these shoes. It’s the only shoes I’m comfortable in....’ That’s that problem. When you’re in that short achilles state, when that heel is elevated, right? That tendon… so it’s new normal is nice and short. If you spend seven, eight hours a day in those types of shoes, it’s going to add up.” - Dr. Raafae Hussain [18:39]


“The goal is try to catch these as early as possible because the neglected ones are much harder to fix.” - Dr. Damien Dauphinee [27:25]


Top Takeaways:

  • The basic anatomy for the achilles tendon
  • The different types of achilles injuries
  • Treatment and recovery for acute and chronic injuries


What You Will Learn:

  • [00:40] Intro
  • [02:44] The basic anatomy of the achilles tendon
  • [04:11] Types of minor achilles injuries and most common causes
  • [10:18] Treatment options for acute injuries
  • [17:07] Chronic injuries - causes and how it differs from acute injuries
  • [20:50] Treatment options for chronic injuries
  • [24:46] Recovery for these injuries



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Book Mentioned: Saving Limbs, Saving Lives: Advanced Treatments for Preventing Amputations in Diabetic Populations by Dr. Damien Dauphinee

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