The PODdoctors with Dr. Dauphinee and Dr. Hussain

The PODdoctors: Morton’s Neuroma…to cut or not to cut!

January 20, 2021

In this episode of The Pod Doctors podcast, Dr. Damien Dauphinee, a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon, and Dr. Raafae Hussain, fellowship trained foot and ankle surgeon, talk about Morton’s neuroma and other nerve-related causes of foot pain. The treatments for this problem have changed over the last two decades, and the docs discuss how this problem presents and what can be done to relieve pain.


“That’s what makes nerve problems so difficult because they have so many different sensations and so many different characteristics.” - Dr. Raafae Hussain [10:36]


“You’re like how can that silly little nerve be causing this much trouble, but it’s because of the ligaments.” -Dr. Damien Dauphinee [16:54]


Top Takeaways:

  • What are Morton’s neuroma and common nerve entrapments
  • What are some common nerve-related issues
  • How do the Pod Doctors determine which nerve innervates a specific area
  • Symptoms and treatment options


What You Will Learn:

  • [00:44] Intro
  • [01:44] What are some common nerve entrapments
  • [07:45] Why you should be careful with certain shoes / boots
  • [09:51] The POD Doctors discuss issues with nerve problems
  • [11:34] How they determine what nerve innervates what area
  • [16:11] What is “Morton’s neuroma”
  • [18:48] Some of the presenting symptoms of nerve entrapments
  • [22:13] Treatment options for interdigital neuritis (Morton’s Neuroma)
  • [32:47] The risks of taking the nerve out (nerve excision)



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Book Mentioned: Saving Limbs, Saving Lives: Advanced Treatments for Preventing Amputations in Diabetic Populations by Dr. Damien Dauphinee

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