The PODdoctors with Dr. Dauphinee and Dr. Hussain

The PODdoctors: Diabetic Foot Problems

December 9, 2020

In this episode of The PODdoctors podcast, Dr. Damien Dauphinee, a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon, and Dr. Raafae Hussain, Fellowship trained foot and ankle surgeon, talk about the foot-related complications associated with diabetes, including diabetic foot ulcers. They also discuss the treatment options to prevent amputation and why it’s important to decrease the pressure off an ulcer to help it heal.


“It’s really hard to rationalize spending tens of thousands of dollars on wound healing technology, amniotic tissue, growth factors and surgeries when someone’s not going to stop smoking.” -Dr. Damien Dauphinee [05:06]


Top Takeaways:

  • Learn ways to prevent amputations from diabetes issues
  • Learn how smoking can raise the risk of peripheral artery disease (PAD)
  • Learn how hyperbaric medicine and vacuum-assisted closure (VAC) improve wound healing capacity
  • Learn about amniotic and stem cell therapy


What You Will Learn:

  • [00:44] Intro
  • [01:22] What they can do to prevent amputations and how stents have evolved
  • [04:41] How smoking can raise the risk of PAD
  • [06:05] What is hyperbaric medicine and other methods to improve wound healing
  • [09:58] What is a wound VAC
  • [12:09] How moisture balanced wound healing is the goal
  • [14:45] How are amniotic or placental tissues used in wound care
  • [18:08] Some important stats about diabetic foot problems



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Book Mentioned: Saving Limbs, Saving Lives: Advanced Treatments for Preventing Amputations in Diabetic Populations by Dr. Damien Dauphinee

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